A Prayer for The Tragedy in Las Vegas

 Gracious God,

Our hearts are weary.  Our tears have no place to run and hide.  When we open our eyes, the blood stained idea of innocence lies broken before us.  In what seems a never ending silence, we hear the unimaginable sound of evil taking aim at humanity.  Yes Lord, we are weary of death, violence, and unanswered motives.

We give thanks for those who risk their lives to save lives in the face of evil.  For we know they too feel these strains.

We pray for those who are grieving and mourning.  There are no words to say which can adequately address this tragedy.  May your Holy Spirit be a comforter and prompt those friends, family, and caregivers to speak with a single word, gesture, or act of mercy.

The tapestry of our souls feels frayed, O God.  Weave us back together.  Take the frayed ends of our lives and entwine the fiber of our spirits into a community which is strengthened by its connections to each other.

Untangle the knots and cut us free from the entanglements we have created, so that we may be a tapestry which covers a multitude of sins and comforters all who need warmth.

Lord we know your will is not death, violence, storms, or disease.  You call us to love one another.  Let us reject evil, the powers of death and division, and plant the fruits of the spirit in places where death has tried to stake a claim.

Hear us as we pray,


Richard Lowell Bryant