Ideas On Praying More Appropriate Public Christian Prayers

  1. Don’t say Jesus’ name 47 times. He gets the point.  Pro tip:  the more you utter Jesus’ name doesn’t make you or your words more holy.  In fact, I’m convinced it’s the other way around.
  2. Don’t insinuate or say America’s relationship with Israel is divinely ordained.  It’s not.
  3. Don’t suggest Jesus is the only way. Our book says so but that’s just one source.  It might not hurt us to follow the two source rule.
  4. Don’t recount the whole history of the Judeo-Christian experience, from your perspective, in one prayer.
  5. Hold your hands still.
  6. Refrain from using the word “I”. This isn’t about you.
  7. When the person behind you starts tugging on your arm and telling you to wind it up, listen to him. You’ve gone too far.
  8. Talk about the Holy Spirit.
  9. Reiterate something Jesus said about the poor, lonely, and destitute. John isn’t the only gospel.
  10. Try praying in silence. End with a simple Amen. You don’t have to say a word.

Richard Lowell Bryant