Four Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Are you looking the right Christmas gift for a loved one, family member, or friend?  Allow me to suggest four presents you can offer to anyone and everyone this holiday season.   Affordable and guaranteed to be appreciated by all who receive them, these four gifts will be remembered and shared for years to come.  For those who are “empty when full,” depressed, and are particularly difficult to shop for; these are the perfect stocking stuffers.

Let me be your guide to the beautiful world of theological and philosophical shopping.  There is no outlet so large, no mall so grand as the world of ideas.  Here you’ll find centuries of wisdom and tradition on offer.  The best part is that it’s all free.  Greeks speak, Hindus choose, Christians decide, and when you come to pick your gift, you’ll realize we’re all on the same page when it comes to what matters most.

So what does matter most?  What are your four free gifts from the world of ideas?  Take them now, they are yours, give them to whomever you wish this season.

  1.  The gift of hope.
  2. The gift of perspective.
  3. The gift of time.
  4. The gift of grace.

With these four gifts, you’ll unlock any door you’re behind.  You might even crawl out of the full dumpster that’s left you empty inside.

Richard Lowell Bryant