Originally, There Was No Sin

Augustine – The Captain Morgan of the “Original Sin” Idea

1. Eating an apple handed to you by a snake in a garden?  No.  (Snakes don’t talk or have opposing thumbs.  Saint Augustine and his 4th century pals really made the idea of babies born with innate evil a “big deal”.)  Let’s keep going.

2. Separating immigrant children from their parents when the parents make an asylum application to enter the United States? Yes.  (BIG TIME SIN, WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK?)

3. Housing immigrant children, separated from their parents, concentrating them in camps, away from their families? Yes.  (BIG TIME SIN.  AGAIN, WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK?)

4. Denying appeals for asylum in the United States based on claims of domestic abuse or gang violence? Yes. (WOULD JESUS ENDORSE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?  HELL NO!)

5. Marrying the person you love, even if the person you love is of the same gender? No.

6. A North Asian country with 270 GULAG style prison camps that executes, starves, and works people to death? Yes. (HUGE SIN, WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK?)

7. People who die while raising funds through a go fund me to pay for routine medical care? Yes. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK?)

8. Over-prescribing opioids in rural areas? Yes. (NO WAY THAT JESUS ENDORSES DRUG ADDICTION?)

9. Sin is an unbreakable curse which has befallen all of humanity? No.  (JESUS CREATED HUMANITY! CURSES AREN’T IN HIS REPERTOIRE.)

10. God created us to love and be loved. Evil should be named and addressed. The antidote to sin is love.

Richard Lowell Bryant