You Are A Boat and Rescuer All in One

I’ve watched these epic rescues on television. I’m sure you’ve seen them as well. Some of them are by helicopter but most of them are volunteers who have boats that are going to help their neighbors. It’s been a truly heroic effort. We should all be inspired.

Here’s what I want to tell you: you too can be a rescuer. You don’t have to take a boat and go to Houston. There are people all around us who are drowning. It may be sickness, depression, family issues, or other problems. The specifics don’t matter to the rescuer. We know they are drowning. People need help. We can see it in their faces, we read their social media posts, and we hear the despondency in their voices. We can throw them a lifeline. Your smile, hug, or listening ear can save a life. Seek out those who’ve retreated to the attics and isolated corners of their lives. Be a rescuer right here, right now.  You can give to the ongoing need in Houston and help right where you live.

If you want to make your life a rescue boat and become a rescuer today, here’s what you can do in your community right now:

1) Listen. Sometimes silence is better than trying to scrape together words that don’t match the gravity of the situation.

2) Don’t look for a silver lining. There may not be one. Sometimes reality stinks. Being present with other people who are suffering is the essence of the incarnation. Let that stand for something.

3) Scripture says it’s OK to cry and acknowledge our sadness and loss. If that’s where you are then be in that place. This is part of the healing process.

Richard Lowell Bryant