Take the “You Might Be A Christian Test”


Richard’s “You Might Be a Christian” Test

Answer as honestly as you can. Remember this is a safe space.

1. Have you ever walked by a church and said, “What a cute little church?”

2. Did you go to Vacation Bible School? (You may have been 5 or 50. It doesn’t matter.)

3. Did you pick your nose in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School?

4. Have you ever used crayons, markers, or glue (or a booger) to create something for a family member to display on a refrigerator?

5. Have you ever thought, “Jesus would be an asset to any social gathering I’m holding.”?

6. Has riding on a boat full of circus animals in the midst of a storm ever seemed appealing?

7. Would you like the ability to catch fish without the aid of rod or reel, only by walking on water?

8. Do you like to sing with all your might on the chorus of “Joy to the World”?

9. Have you ever fought for the right (or on behalf of a relative) to play Mary, Joseph or Jesus in a play?

10. Did you (do you) have an invisible friend?

If you’ve answered yes, to any of these questions: you might be a Christian. Welcome!


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