A Poem By Ruby T. Bryant, My Dog


My ferocious hello,
Says the words,
You already know,
“Where you have been?”
I like it when my name is called,
Whether from outside,
Or down the hall,
I love to stare at you,
Wondering what,
You’ll do next?
Maybe you’ll walk this way,
Sit down there,
Or ask me to play,
Perhaps I might stand,
Just beneath,
Your open right hand,
Where you’ll pat my head,
And say my name,
Over and over,
Rubbing my ears again,
I love to smell the places,
Those where you like to sit,
Because, at times,
It is easy for me to get,
Somewhere near, so I can find,
A place see, what’s on your face,
When you try to read,
Or watch the TV.

-Ruby The Dog


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