Psalm 23-Translated by Richard Bryant for the Graduates Ocracoke High School Class of 2016


The Lord is my depth finder, I have every need met,
He makes me sit in muddy puddles,
He takes me to the edge of the sand bar,
He finds something cold for me to drink,
He leads me on a street, that bears His name, not Howard, O’Neal, Lawton, Lumpy, Garrish, or anyone else’s.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of suck,
I will put my fear into some kind of context,
Because I am not alone,
God is with me,
The evidence of your presence in my life,
It brings me a sense of comfort,
I will eat meals with those who have made me angry, fearful, and sad,
Because that is what makes those I dislike become my friends,
You have done more for me than I can acknowledge,
Given me more than I am aware, I live with abundance and don’t realize it.
You love me now, forever, and have promised to keep a place ready for me;
because I am loved.

–Translated by Richard Bryant