A Prayer of Contrition-For Middle Aged Skateboarders



Gracious God,

I know you have much on your rather large plate.   Despite this, like the Psalmist, I have heard the call to contrition and know of your desire to hear our prayers.  Today I need to seek forgiveness, humility, and contrition in my spirit. Lord, I need your help.  When I see grown men on skate boards, I become frustrated and judgmental.  I ask myself rhetorical questions that are impossible to answer.  I know I should not be so harsh with men my age or older who’ve chosen a means of transport identical to those used by my daughter’s 13 year old friends.  You love them.  I pray for their safety and that if they choose to ride bicycles in the near future,  you would make a way for two wheels to roll into their lives. Forgive me Lord for being so easily frustrated.  Allow me to graciously bring the Good News of Jesus to middle aged, bearded men on skateboards.

In Jesus Name,