Food for Thought-My Grandfather Died Near Christmas, How Dare You Trivialize Grandparents Dying on Christmas Eve


These are the graves of my parents and great-grandparents.  My grandfather died on December 7th,  1983.  I remember the day very clearly.  I was coming home from school (the fourth grade) and was so informed of his departure to heaven by my mother.  What disturbed me then and in the intervening years was the callous disregard held by many toward those of us who’ve lost grandparents (mothers and fathers) during the Christmas seasons.  By this, I am particularly referring to the hate filled chant referred to as “Grandmother Got Run Over By a Reindeer Coming Home From Our House on Christmas Eve”.  The callous insensitivity the writers and horrible singers show toward persons who’ve lost grandparents in the holiday season and family members to tragic car/deer collisions is beggars belief.  In this sacred season, where we seem to value life, does life have value, unless you’re a grandparent or a deer?  Do we simply disregard the real feelings of those who’ve lost loved ones by insisting they should get over it and laugh at the ubiquitous back woods humor?  Is this the way to make America great again?  Please, if you love the Baby Jesus, Mr. Trump, hate the ISIS,  love your Grandma, Santa Claus, all things ‘Merican, and killing stuff in season stop listening to this song.  It’s only right.  Your dead grandparents are offended.  And remember, they know Jesus personally.  Do you want to offend people like that?