Food for Thought-What’s Wrong With How We Encounter the Bible


1. We’re too afraid to ask the obvious questions about the Bible’s contradictory content.

2. The fundamentalists who interpret the Bible and push their interpretations as the only possible way to understand the text.

3. We have unreal expectations. We think the Bible will work magic spells and do things it was never intended to do.

4. We’re taught to believe that true faith equates to the literal belief in stories; stories which the people in the Bible read metaphorically.

5. We don’t know how to take an ancient text seriously.

6. The Bible is not an owner’s manual for Christian living.  This idea has hurt more people than it has helped.

7. The Bible doesn’t provide a road map to a place we call heaven.

8. We see the Bible as one book, not a collection of books and stories. Each book reflects its author’s unique agenda and historical context.

9. We forget there’s much in common between the Bible and the Quran. That should make us both uncomfortable and less judgmental.

10. We confuse the book with God. We don’t worship a book.