Food for Thought-Let’s Stir Things Up

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1. If you worship a resurrected man on Sunday mornings, you’ll know scars, bruises, blood, and struggles matter.  But not if you worship a body-less God who lives only in our imaginations and old paintings and never lived as a human being.

2. If you worship a man brutalized by violence on Sunday mornings, you’ll condemn violence everywhere (at Planned Parenthood, on Death Row, in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan, perpetuated by Americans, by bad policing, and senseless criminal acts-violence perpetuated by anyone). But not if you worship a God who is violent.

3. If you worship a poor man, an impoverished Galilean carpenter, on Sunday mornings, you’ll see the injustice of poverty all around you. But not if you worship a God of wealth.

4. If you worship a Middle Eastern man, a man who was a person of color, brown skinned, born of an unwed teenage mother, on Sunday mornings; you’ll be outraged, bothered, frustrated, annoyed, disturbed, left off kilter, and moved when people who look like Jesus (persons of color, people with brown skin, children of single mothers, children of color) are regularly killed on the dusty altars of our angry civilization. Of course, if you worship a white God, this won’t happen.