Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for August 18th, 2015

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1. Living a good life is a daily investment which cannot be measured in traditional forms (spreadsheets, cost benefit analyses). A good life is quantified through intangible means. I can’t measure how happy a smile, hug, or handshake makes me feel. Yet, they are real expressions and my life changes for the better. Before each of those actions, someone made a decision to invest in goodness. Expressions of love, gratitude, and smiles grow from the cultivated soil of goodness sometimes without warning but not without some preparation.

2. How comfortable are you with knowing goodness is at work in our lives but we may not be able to pin it down? We may be unable to see it or touch it. The evidence of goodness may go unseen tomorrow or in the days to come. Goodness may not appear as we want it to appear. How do we become comfortable with goodness in our lives as an intangible reality?

3. Re-tell the story. Tell the story of what goodness looks like in your life. How has goodness grown amidst the fallow soil of sadness and sorrow? Where is the goodness in the unexpected expressions of joy and laughter? Tell your story. You can re-post heartwarming accounts of goodness in the lives of others and share moving stories. However, this is not the same as reflecting on your joy and consciously sharing the goodness in your own life.

4. When you re-tell your story, you will remind others of the intangible goodness in their own lives; goodness they may be missing. Become a “goodness” mirror so others can reflect on the light you shine and then reflect on the light the might shine.

5. Reinvest in goodness every day. The smallest investments in goodness pay the largest emotional dividends for a world aching to know more goodness.