Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 26th, 2015

Take Wings 2

1. Part of being vulnerable is being able. What are we able to do if we’re open to the world?

2. Abraham Lincoln appears on both sides of the one cent coin. His silhouette can be faintly seen sitting inside the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse side of the penny. In much the same way, worry and planning are two sides of the same coin, one is simply much bigger than the other, depending on the emphasis we place (or which side we look). We have the ability to make “worry” the almost unseen Lincoln. Yet, will we make that choice?

3. Keep informed about the conflicts in the world that aren’t being discussed in the news. Syria and Ukraine are still unstable regions which impact the entire world. Learn about what’s happening in places like the Congo and Zimbabwe.

4. Is there a distinction between the things we take for granted and the things we should be grateful for as a matter of course?

5. The intersection of things which seemed incompatible at the time but functioned beyond the wildest of dreams of human imagination has defined human history. What are writing off because of the appearance of incompatibility?