Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 20th, 2015

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1. Drink more water on hot days. Your body is crying out to be hydrated. Your body can’t move without water.

2. Consider the path your life is taking. Is it like a baseball game? Once the pitcher throws the ball and you’ve scored a solid base hit, you are in control of your direction. You are free to run toward home between the bases. You can stop at any time. Are you resting on second, afraid of being thrown out at third, or are you prepared to keep running as the next pitch as thrown? Are you standing still (waiting to be put “out”) or going forward?

3. One way to move forward is to help others along in their journey. Find a way to compliment someone on something they’ve done. It doesn’t have to be large. Let them know you appreciate and care about their efforts. It’s simply a good way to live.

4. Listen deeper than you’ve ever listened before. Relationships move forward when we listen deeply and actively to one another. Friends don’t try to “fix”. Friends listen.

5. Spread kindness like jam on toast. Move the kindness jam over every part of the bread with the flat part of your empathy knife. You want even clumps of love, empathy, and kindness in every nook and cranny of the toast.

Remember, you are blessed.  Be courageous and kind and know that you are loved.  #youareloved