Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 11th, 2015

Take Wings 2

1. What brings you joy? Do you typically have to create certain conditions to experience joy in your life? Is joy something you can only experience after traveling, altering your brain chemistry, spending money, buying special clothes, or doing a unique activity?
2. Is your day structured to a point that joy and happiness become afterthoughts among the responsibilities, duties, and programmed tasks we’ve determined to be vital to our existence?
3. Joy isn’t about crossing the threshold of Disneyland. It’s a realization the things containing the greatest potential for joy in our lives are before us right now waiting to be engaged if you will only look around.
4. It is impossible to regret joy.
5. Is it possible for you to experience joy without precondition and in the present moment?

Be safe, be well, and know that you are loved.  #youareloved