Food for Thought-America Is An Angry Place Right Now


People need something to angry about. So the world would seem.  If it wasn’t the Confederate flag, gay marriage, or Donald Trump’s position on Mexican immigration it would be something else. America has an anger problem. Even churches are angry places.  Denominations are angry with themselves.  We are one angry bunch of people. Some blame Barack Obama. Others blame the media and racist undercurrents in our culture. Apparently you have to blame someone. I don’t know why we have to blame anyone. We’re way past playing the blame game. It doesn’t do much good anyway. At this moment, I’m blindsided by the abundance of anger running through our culture. The anger is here and exploring its source is a waste of time.

People, good people, do seem taken with the idea of hating each other in the name of God, country, cakes, misquoted Bible verses, and Jefferson Davis’ flag. Why is that? Why now? Do we have nothing better to do? Is the economy that good that we’ve can focus on these issues? Do people have that much money in the bank and food on the table that fighting about a flag is a luxury they can afford?

Part of me wants to call it sin. I think that answer is too easy and too simplistic. I know people have hated each other for years and sinning a tad longer. At the risk of dipping my toe in the sea of irony, simplistic answers, in this climate, make me angry. Now, it seems there’s little check on the anger or the feelings of other people. Scratch the sunburned surface, you’ll get cussed out. Look at someone wrong, you might get punched. We live in rough times. Everyone is ready to offend everyone else and gladly so as a matter of pride. Empathy, love, neighborliness seem to have been beaten beyond recognition and left for dead. My solution, for the moment, is this: hug someone with whom you disagree. Tell them you love them. Then walk away.  You might still get punched but it will confuse the hell out of whoever you hug.  Do the Jesus thing. It’s the only way I know how to deal with this anger.