Food for Thought-Turning Left on Dunavska Street (The Seventh Letter)


30 April 1957
Belgrade, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Between The Arrival of the Post and the Setting of the Sun in the West

Dear Beloved Friend and Colleague,

Your faith in my Latin is truly humbling. Thank you, dear friend. What time has passed since this morning! The creeping clouds crawled slowly across the horizon as I made the turn onto Dunavska*. The fortress* was shrouded in a curtain of mist, visible only as I rounded Vojovica Boulevard*. My day is never the same without the ability to behold the magnitude of this imposing sight. As you know, it is not the brick themselves but what the bricks behold that enthrall my attention. Without the ability to see what they see, I am blind.

From sight, I return to sound. The forests south of the Sava* are truly mysterious places. As in life, they challenge our ability to accurately see and hear the world around us. My fear, as we soon discovered, is the Picus Viridius* needs not tree nor sky in order to survive. How can this be? Above the ground which we trod, beneath the sky we observed, underneath the trees we examined, or among the people we sought aid each person asked us to describe the sound we had heard. None recognized the calls we mimicked; yet they still surrounded us in trees which were of no use. Was this not what it seemed?

As the sun sets, my day ends and these questions are tabled for now.

Yours truly,


Dunavska* A street in the eastern area of Old Belgrade
Vojovica Boulevard* A street along the northern edge of the Kalemegdan Fortress
Fortress* The Kalamegdan Fortress
Picus Viridus* The Common European Woodpecker
Sava* The main river running east and west through Serbia