Food for Thought-I Sent This Out 12 Hours Ago on Twitter So You Know It’s No Fooling


If I could I’d go to Indiana to officiate gay marriages, my wife would bake cakes, and my eldest daughter would take pictures.

I’ll add this morning that our younger girls would be happy to do flowers and bulletins.

How can you call yourself a follower of Jesus if you don’t want to love your neighbor as yourself? How dare you claim the right to discriminate against anyone in the name of a man who discriminated against no one! Change these laws and change the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline.  Both are wrong, both discriminate, and both are out of step with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  But schism, but this, but that, but, but, but…

But Jesus said nothing about any of this.  Jesus said to love your neighbors; not hide behind church hegemony in order to keep your appointments and systemic ideas of culturally approved religious power.