Food for Thought-Into That Great Good Night


Into that great good night,
Gentle he did not go,
Into our darkness he was thrown,
Downward he descends,
For the forgiveness of our sins,
So the creeds,
Tell us we
We must believe,
One of us
To absolve,
Adam and Eve,
Their faults,
Carried this far,
By handshakes,
And existential scars,
Can resurrection not be,
Enough to make me free,
No need to resuscitate,
Augustinian myths,
Striking the grieving with hate,
And suffering believers,
Who find a way to detach,
From a savior who flies up,
Then goes down,
Around the heavens,
Through hell,
And lives to tell,
How the curse is broken,
Only to have,
A single white sheet,
To tell
The greatest story
Every told.

-Richard Bryant