Food for Thought-A Brief Guide to Happier Living


1. Reject negativity. Hold firm against the pull of any emotional conformity that demands you react negatively or maintain negativity. This is most difficult when we’re involved in conversations about daily life. Life is challenging. There are annoyances, disturbances, and frustrations all humans share on a daily basis. At times we experience sadness, grief, and loss. The good news is we don’t have to live among the frustrations and annoyances. We can move on from those obsessed with the negative trivialities of daily life. It is possible to find other people to talk to. Look for ways to make negative time productive time. Perspective isn’t just a theoretical concept; it’s something we gain by extracting ourselves from self-perpetuating negative realities.

2. Invest in joy. Take the fragile emotional capital of your life and make an investment in joy. Where do you find joy? How do you make your own joy? Who are the people that bring you joy? These are the kind of questions which can be used to embrace joy. Despite the world around us; you don’t have to explain to anyone why you’re joyful or happy. Joy is your right. Sadly, it’s a right that many of us refuse to acknowledge or exercise. Look for common sense, ordinary things to be you joy and gratitude. That’s the key, what are the common sense things we are missing (things we are taking advantage of) that should be bringing us joy and grace. Find small things to look forward to. Might it be walking your dog? Eating with your family? Talking with a neighbor?

3. How we encounter life isn’t a matter of luck, it takes a plan and follows a process. Once we make a plan to reject negativity and embrace joy, those actions can be duplicated. Joy isn’t about making hay while the sun shines; it’s about finding a way to walk away from negativity, regardless of the external weather conditions. The sun shines every day, it’s there, whether we can see it or not. We can acknowledge the joy, merely obscured by clouds of negativity, or act as if the joy won’t return until someone else’s forecast says so.