Why “Confessing” United Methodists Think Pastors Like Me Are The Problem


1. You have come to understand what you (or anyone else) believes about the divinity of Christ is immaterial to being a Christian. What matters most is how you give life to the love which was embodied in Jesus of Nazareth. God wants the logos, the word, what Jesus made real to come to life and live in us.

2. You’ve stopped looking for God “up there” and realize that the Kingdom of God is in front of us, right now, down here. God can transform our lives and actions today. When we long for Heaven, we’re condemning the world God created and squandering the opportunity to let God’s love transform the present.

3. You’re OK with not knowing the answers to every question, concern, or problem raised by religious belief. In fact, you thrive on the questions and the tensions they create.

4. A church member or members have visited your house to tell you are wrong and are concerned your salvation may be in jeopardy.

5. You see the “culture war” as a manufactured agenda designed to create division and anger where it doesn’t exist. You’ve also come to view the culture war as an attempt to place all Christian in one theological camp. When you pose questions like, “does (insert controversial supposed Christian issue) really matter in the grand scheme of things?” you are met with blank stares.

6. You have no trouble believing the epic poem which describes God’s hand in creation (Genesis 1) and you are fully onboard with all aspects of evolutionary biology and cosmological physics.

7. You realize that nationalism, xenophobia, and believing America has some kind of special status in God’s divine plan is misguided and wrong.

8. You find yourself explaining to others how, just because you’re a pastor, it doesn’t mean you wear polo shirts when you preach and you’ve never read any of the “Left Behind” books.

9. You find yourself talking more and more about God’s love.

10. You find the idea of Hell is inconsistent with the God described by Paul in Romans 8:35.