Food for Thought-How’s Your Juggling?


How many tasks, ideas, projects or just plain “intellectual” balls are you juggling? What are the most important things you are trying to keep going or “in the air” at this moment? What’s got your focus, attention, or even causing distractions in your life? I call them FAD’s (focus, attention, and distraction).

Is there an answer to the juggling game?

1) One simple solution is to toss a ball to someone else. Is it possible to easily hand off (without dropping something else) one of the activities competing for your FAD (focus, attention, or distraction). You may call it delegation, a handing off, or even tossing the ball. Regardless of the term you use, if you were to think right at this instant, which would be the first one to go? Sharing an important task and jointly bearing a burden is a greater leadership test than being consumed by the FAD’s.

2) Take a moment to focus on the one thing that be impacting all the other areas of your life. What do you need to do to get back in focus? Do you need to speed up or slow down your juggling? Take that same quick moment and without hesitation, ask yourself, “Which one of the areas (balls) do I need devote more time and energy towards?

3) You’re ultimately not being judged on your ability to juggle life, tasks, or even ideas. The quality of the life that you lead, living a good life is the ultimate standard for success; not what you can juggle on a given day.


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