Food for Thought-How To Become More Aware In Your Life


How do we become more aware in our lives?  How do we become more aware of the other people we share our lives with and the world around us?  Here are a few tips for stepping out of the fog and making today a bit more exciting and sacred.

Awareness is a sacred event and we can become more aware in every moment.

Sense-what do you sense about the environment around you?  Is it stress filled or joyful?  What does you common sense tell you about the place you are in?  The decisions you make from this point on will follow this initial sense of place and time.  What are you sensing and feeling?

Ask-what questions can you ask to become more informed about what’s going on around you?  If you’re with another person, what can they tell you about themselves, their day, their emotions, and their life?

Care-what care can you show for the people, places, and things that surround you?  By paying a greater degree of both physical and spiritual attention; how does you own perception of reality change?  If you see one need, does that open the door toward another, and so on?  For example, (a simple illustration but it works) dirty dishes need to be washed, washed dishes need to be dried, and dried dishes need to be put away.  What care can we give in one area that will naturally lead us toward another?

Respond-what ways can we respond to the areas of identifiable care and need?  Are we able to respond without getting in the way?

Empathy-when we increase our ability to be more aware of the world around us we also become more empathetic.  Life shared with an awareness of the feelings of others is more fun.

Do-what the situation demands.  If nothing, then do nothing.  If something, be aware accordingly.  Let your common sense prevail.  So much depends on what your common sense and your sense of awareness has already determined by asking the right questions.










Awareness is about keeping things SACRED.