My Lost Snoopy Sock (A Poem)

I’ve found my lost Snoopy sock,

It wasn’t permanently lost,

Nor was it where I thought,

It appeared this morning,

In plain sight,

When I put on my shirt,

Hiding in my sleeve,

Out it popped in my hand,

I held my sock,

Right there, untorn,

In a lovely ball, reborn

For only me to see.

I’m as happy

As I can be.

–Richard Bryant

There Is A Hole in My Sock

One of my socks, hole-less, shown solely for poetic purposes.

There’s a hole in my sock,
Whatever will I do,
How can I walk,
With gum and chew,
Or attempt to talk,
While I’m very blue,
As those who gawk,
At the in Argyles in my shoes,
My socks are bound for dry dock,
The only path to choose,
Though not an angry walk,
I’ll pick another two.

–Richard Lowell Bryant