Mid-Life Posers on the Monday Morning Highway of Life (Summer Songs Volume IV)


Middle aged man with the skateboard,
It’s time to buy two things
A Car and a pair shoes,
Looking cool are you, no
Holding up traffic, yes you do.
The angry man in the Volkswagen,
The bald guy in the driver’s seat,
That’s me and I’m late for my
Mahatma Gandhi study group to meet.

–Richard Bryant


Don’t Check Your Brain When You Sign the Rental Agreement

NOT the Entrance to Howard Street, Ocracoke Island

Where I live,
The place I sleep,
You need to know,
It’s a one way street,
I don’t care what the DOT states,
It’s a path,
A road,
And not on a map,
That being said,
It’s narrow and scary,
And man on the golf cart,
It goes THAT WAY!

–Richard Bryant