Don’t Check Your Brain When You Sign the Rental Agreement

NOT the Entrance to Howard Street, Ocracoke Island

Where I live,
The place I sleep,
You need to know,
It’s a one way street,
I don’t care what the DOT states,
It’s a path,
A road,
And not on a map,
That being said,
It’s narrow and scary,
And man on the golf cart,
It goes THAT WAY!

–Richard Bryant


On The Devolution of an Ocracoke Frog

Last night,
A frog came to my office to die,
Flattened, as a Stanley on a final trip,
To reach the pastor’s office,
Under the door and try,
What did he want?
Upon my floor,
Why did Kermit have to die?
Rest in Power amphibian friend,
With God’s Grace to the Ocean I send.

–Richard Bryant