Insoluble Words (A Poem)

Insoluble words,
Unable to dissolve,
Lingering as
Well-worn permafrost.
Ready to be re-spoke here,
And re-said there,
Until one day,
Meaning becomes meaningless,
Because we’ve heard it all before.

–Richard Bryant


King Juan Jakob Gingleheimer Smyth (A Poem)

Juan Jakob Gingleheimer Smyth

Juan Jakob Gingleheimer Smyth
Lived near the large oak tree,
In the southwest corner,
of the front yard.
He wore a crown,
To conceal his frown,
Which also meant,
One never saw,
His eyes or face,
Or the mouth he used to taste,
His favorite dish:
Flambéed macaw.
There he’d be,
In his oversized malaise,
Waiting for someone,
Perhaps even me,
To pass the macaw mayonnaise,
A jar he’d never see.

–Richard Bryant

Waiting in the Dark

We wait for Christmas to come;
singing in the dark of night.
As expected as Christmas is, we never see it coming.
We are taken by surprise.
What is the light? Where is it from?
Christmas is a single light, recognizable from everything around it.
The light of Christmas is unmistakable. It can be nothing else.
This is Christmas.
The unopened day on the Advent Calendar is here and still beyond our reach.
Christmas, growing brighter and warmer as it draws closer.
The light is for all who see it, a gift to be shared.
No one owns the light.
The light simply is.
Christmas is the light which cannot be wiped away.
The darkness is overcome.

–Richard Bryant

Keeping Religion Out of Politics

It is important to speak,
Because in my Biblical bag of topics,
There are stories about Sarah and Abraham,
Not James Dobson and Franklin Graham.

When Joseph saved Egypt from famine,
Religion became Political,
When God sent Moses to Pharaoh,
Religion became Political,
When God told Moses to receive these laws,
Religion became Political,
When Job asked God why,
Religion became Political,
When Elijah picked a fight with Jezebel,
Religion became Political,
When Isaiah said “Here I Am”,
Religion became Political,
When King David murdered Uriah,
Religion became Political,
When Mary sang the Magnificat,
Religion became Political,
When Herod killed innocent children,
Religion became Political,
When Jesus said it would be hard for the wealthy to enter the Kingdom,
Religion became Political.
When Pilate interrogated Jesus,
Religion became Political.
When Jesus questioned God’s intentions in the Garden of Gethsemane,
Religion became Political.
When Constantine made the Church a part of the Government,
Religion became Political.
When Henry decided he wanted divorce after divorce,
Religion became Political.
When the Methodists became Methodism,
Religion became Political.

–Richard Bryant