Food for Thought-Pregame Prayer for the Carolina Panthers


Gracious God, Jesus the Christ, Spirit of the Living Waters, Holy Mother of God, and all the Saints who’ve gone before us:

Pray for Us. We are saving you a seat on our bench in Atlanta this afternoon. The key to winning in life, as in football, is doing your will and loving the world with everything at our disposal. Gracious God, this means being the best we can be this afternoon. If we haven’t been doing this we aren’t winners. We’re pretending. Today is the day we stop pretending. Pray for us, our families, and those we meet on the field.

In Jesus Name,



Food for Thought-Layaway is Back

Layaway is back,
Wal-Mart waits,
While the money gestates,
As people buy in,
To more consumerist sin,
Bigger and better,
Wider screens are what matter,
To watch those guilty of domestic abuse,
Make obscene money while on the loose,
We pretend we like to care,
While wearing jerseys in our lounge chairs.
But really we don’t give a flip,
As long as our lives aren’t challenged a bit.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-5 Signs You May Not Care About the World Cup

1.  You have no electricity.

2.  You do not have access to television, newspapers, or other media.

3.  You have no access to running water or adequate food supplies.

4.  Your very daily existence is threatened by militias, gangs, or a repressive government.

5.  You are dying of a terminal disease and lack access to medicines that are easily obtained in the west.

Pray for those who suffer, pray for those who work to alleviate their suffering; aid workers, missionaries, diplomats, and all whose tireless efforts go unnoticed while the world diverts it’s attention elsewhere.