Richard’s Ideas for Making It Through The Day


1. You are better at life than you believe yourself to be. Not the pretend stuff of life, I mean the real, gut level day to day things that make you who you are. Believe better, be better.

2. Take the negative tape, (the “I Suck” playlist) off shuffle and delete it from your phone, device, and from  in between your ears.

3. Whatever “it” is, don’t give up on “it”.

4. Today is just today. Do today. Tomorrow will be its own challenge.

5. Show up and be present: for yourself, because of someone else.

6. Make room for others on your journey. We’re not meant to live or die alone.

7. Set a personal best in smiling or listening.

8. Does your worldview make your happy or miserable? How quickly can you change it?

9. If you truly believe “Life is Good” do more than buy a shirt, enact tangible goodness.

10. Gratitude underlies everything.

Download a PDF of the Ideas Below

Ideas for Making It Through the Day