Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for September 17th, 2015

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1. Today is a gift. Today is not tomorrow. Use today to make tomorrow better.

2. Love is a self-generating gift from the Cosmos. We do not create love. Love was created like the universe itself.

3. Humanity cannot destroy what continually wants to be recreated. Love will rear its head; behind barbed wire, in bombed out cities, where families are shattered, and life will not let go.

4. The ability to love others rests in two places: in your heart and in your hands. We make a conscious choice to care about someone or something. Will we act, with our lives, on the choices we’ve made?

5. Anxiety and fear can be turned into the kindling which fuels our desire to serve others instead of crippling our desire to love or neighbors.


#Be Courageous, #Be Kind, and Remember that  #You Are Loved


Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas / Things My Grandmother Taught Me


1. Always have extra food on hand. Something, anything to offer a guest a small measure of welcome hospitality. Be prepared to feed as many people as possible.

2. A cup of coffee will go a long way to create the right space in which to listen to how someone’s day went.

3. Her to do list depended on maximizing the least amount of meager  resources. Grandma needed others to give her a ride. As such, she knew how to make a to do list and get what mattered most when she had access to a car. She prioritized and made the most of her time and resources.

4. She made friends with all of her neighbors. She taught me race didn’t matter. People were people.

5. It’s OK to ask for help if you don’t know the answer to a question. Find a dictionary or person who might know the answer, if you need to, ask for help.

Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for September 8th, 2015

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1. Do you see inherent value in the world around you? When you begin to recognize value in others, you’ve taken the first steps toward being publicly grateful. Acknowledging gratitude changes everything.

2. Commit to communicating gratitude. Be the person who says “thank you” more than once a day.  Speak it in person or write it in a note.

3. If you make this commitment others will want to share in what you’re doing. Gratitude is contagious.

4. Healthy habits are formed in healthy environments. If you’re creating at environment of empathy, awareness, and trust, people will want to be part of a culture of gratitude.

5. Gratitude is cost effective. It’s free to say thank you and recognize the value of someones efforts.

Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for September 7th, 2015


1. You are not your problems. We own our mistakes to take responsibility for our future. However, we are not defined by our mistakes.

2. Embrace reality. Look at the ingredients on the back side of the box called life.

3. Correlation is not causation.

4. Responsibility begins with ability. You have the ability to find solutions.

5. Don’t be scared of failure. It’s part of the journey from good, to great, to awesome.

Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas on What Love Is (August 28th, 2015)


1. Love is patient because it is the indefinite fuel of eternal second chances

2. Love is kind because kindness without love is really self-serving narcissism

3. Love is good because it is the epitome of goodness itself

4. Love is peaceful because without love peace is an illusion

5. Love is faithful because it creates faith where none exists

Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas on Gaining Perspective (August 26th, 2015)


1. Take perspective of the world around you. How aware are you of the people, ideas, places and things going on in your general orbit? So often, I see people who are miserable, unhappy, wrapped up in their own anger. Their misery (often self-inflicted) renders them unaware to appreciate any perspective other than their own. Are we living like this?

2. Do the other people in your life believe or feel like you are invested in them as people? To invest in a person (as a human being) you need to develop an emotional perspective. An emotional perspective is more than “seeing what another person thinks”. It’s trying to understand how someone else feels.

3. To get an emotional perspective, ask someone how they feel.

4. Listen actively. Don’t listen to respond. Don’t listen with the intent of saying something smart, witty, or keeping the conversation focused on what you know. Listen to understand what the other person is saying.

5. Listen for shared experiences which can be found within your dialogue partner’s point of view. Don’t let their words go to mental voicemail while you think about what you’re going to say next.

Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas about BBQ Sauce (August 25th, 2015)

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1. Start with something which will give every bite a memorable kick. What is the unique variation of spice that will define your “life BBQ” sauce as unique?

2. Will you be vinegar based or tomato based? Apart from regional tastes, there are too many people marinated in vinegar.

3. Good BBQ sauce has a mix of sugar and spices. One flavor shouldn’t over power the other. It shouldn’t be too sweet but you should know the sugar is there. Is the sweetness in your life obscured?

4. Sauce that is too sweet will jelly and stay in one place. The right mix in the right sauce marinates the entire piece of meat. Is only one are of your life well flavored?

5. Don’t get caught up in marketing. Good sauce comes in simple bottles. Focus on flavor of life, not the packaging. Substance matters more than the labels. People and their stories matter more than superficial appearances.