The Easy Guide to Goal Setting

My goals change from day to day. I don’t really like the term “to-do” or task list. I like to think in terms of short, medium, and long term goals. What I need to get done and accomplished varies by where I am and the situations that surround me. However, I believe I should set some goals that become a part of my daily routines. Regardless of what other tasks or duties I set for myself, these daily goals should be met first and throughout the day. These will be goals that stay with me today, tomorrow, and well into the future. In other words, when I make my daily goal list, these are usually at the top every day, maybe with some elaboration (or not).

1. Be better today than I was yesterday.

2. Be a leader at home and where I work.

3. Learn something new.

4. Be grateful

I believe these can and should be goals and not tasks or things to be checked off a list. These are goals to be attained each day. I believe if I can start here, other goals (and the rest of the day) will fall into place naturally.

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