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Beer bellies and bad tattoos,
26 check-out lines and just two a-workin’,
I got the Wal-Mart blues,
Flip-flops malfunctioning,
You don’t need no shoes,
Keep on walkin’,
I got the Wal-Mart Blues,
Leave your cart in the space I’m parkin’,
Cut me off while I choose,
The biscuit I’d be eatin’,
I got the Wal-Mart blues,
Customer service manager smirkin’,
When I tell her the news,
My lawn mower ain’t startin’,
I got the Wal-Mart blues,
All over searchin’,
The automotive center for clues,
Bald heads with pony tails lurkin’
I got the Wal-Mart blues,
The register ain’t checkin’
Dude on steroids tries to schomooze,
The cute pharmacist who just started workin’
And I still got the Wal-Mart blues.

–Richard Bryant