Shared in Worship on August 4th, 2019

Gracious God, we are acutely aware of the violence in our world and our society. Those factors which drive our neighbors to violence are as horrific as they are tragic. Through our prayers, we acknowledge the brokenness of the world around us, the pain shared by victims everywhere, and the sadness which overwhelms us in moments like this. In our darkness, give us light. In despair, lead us toward hope. In blindness, help us to seek a peaceful vision beyond bloodshed. For those who embrace hate, we pray that they will be brought to love. For those traumatized by this moment, we pray for your presence, embodied in the love of family and friends. May they be present, through the Holy Spirit, even in those times no words are possible.

Be with us O God, this day and in all the days to come. We make this prayer in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in whose name we pray.

Richard Lowell Bryant