Holy Week Diary – Monday

Today was mean. Mondays are never good in any palpable sense of the word. The scene in the temple should have got him killed right then and there. He walked in, picked a fight in the most public place possible, and asked to die. Monday is about making the right people with the right jobs good and mad. At that, he was a success. He cut into the temple treasury for all of two minutes. Money wasn’t the point. He wanted to show them he could do it. Their system, however grand, was fragile. One man, with the tip of his hand, could turn over the tables they desperately needed. He embarrassed them.

He will not be allowed to leave Jerusalem alive.  Jesus Christ is a dead man walking.  I told you Mondays were mean. Four more days, that’s all they need. You’re going to help them. Yes, we are all in on this. Tick-tock, tick-tock. They’re coming for us. Are you ready to be a betrayer? The Pharisees need your help to keep America  (and the world) safe from people like Jesus.  Are you going to do it?  Will you give him up?

Richard Lowell Bryant