Six Questions for Post General Conference United Methodism

1. Why now, after the general conference, are there a plethora of well-meaning plans and proposals to create a progressive United Methodist Church?  That’s like filling out your NCAA bracket after the tournament begins.  We needed it last weekend.

2. Shouldn’t this have been done over the past two years?

3. We knew what was going to happen at the General Conference. Why is anyone acting surprised, shocked, or amazed that bigotry won?

4. Did anyone really believe the delegates from Africa or the former Soviet Union would vote for the One Church Plan? If you did, you live in a fantasy world. We saw this coming and we (as progressives) were unprepared. We act shocked at something we knew would occur at least one year ago.  Would you invite delegate from Brunei and expect them to vote for a pro-LGBT plan?  No. Yesterday, the tiny Sultanate adopted the death penalty for persons convicted of participating in same-sex relationships.  Their version of Sharia law is the Traditional Plan on steroids.  Many of the African countries where Methodism is so strong have similar laws.  Yet, we’re “disturbed” at the outcome of the General Conference vote?

5. Do we have ourselves to blame? Somewhat, we are at fault. We can look forward to more meetings and more money being spent to determine a “way out” while our clergy and congregations live in limbo.  Talk about hell on earth.

6. What’s next? PowerPoint presentations, songs, proposals, and stasis. Someone has to take the step. Methodism as we knew it is over.

Richard Lowell Bryant