How To Survive Lent

1. Get off Methodist Twitter. You may want to take a break from Twitter altogether. However, Methodist Twitter is sometimes detrimental spiritual growth and the ability to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

2. Make your bed. You’ll sleep better at night if you come home to a bed that’s already made.

3. End every phone call with “God Bless You.” Who doesn’t want to be blessed?

4. Listen to early Taylor Swift (2006). It was a simpler time.

5. Delete a life draining application from your phone.

6. Go for a walk. You need it.

7. Turn off the television. Programming is crap.

8. Read Psalm 27 once a day. It’s a great work of art.

9. Don’t carry any extra baggage that you don’t intend to leave at the foot of the cross.

10. Remember: our citizenship is in heaven. If that means anything, it means something now.

Richard Lowell Bryant