7 Reasons I’m Excited, Scared, Happy, Nervous for General Conference


1. Do we trust God to call us to become the best versions of ourselves?  Somedays yes, other days no. In other words, trusting God is easier said than done.  This is a little scary.

2. I am excited because we have the opportunity to move towards a more grace-filled communion. Grace is not something to be decided by committee, commissions, councils, or boards.  Unfettered grace will open doors locked for fifty years.

3. We have the ability to give birth to a new, inclusive Methodism. Church no longer need be about managing decline.

4. We are stepping into a space where we can listen to God. Will we stop and listen?

5. There is not a pox on anyone’s house. Fear runs through every position, plan, and proposal. If we weren’t afraid, we wouldn’t be human. This is an opportunity to confront our fears.

6. Ideas are not our problem. Loving our brothers and sisters who disagree with us; that’s our issue. I am excited because this is a chance to work on love like I have never done before.

7. I am excited because so much I believe in is on the line. I’m overwhelmed to be alive at this moment in our history.

Richard Lowell Bryant