Have You Tried This?

1. Establish a daily routine. Manage your life by managing your time. What is it you do each day? What comes first every morning? Make your schedule standard, beyond an ad-hoc assortment of tasks and ideas. Claim the time and space around you. In moments of chaos and change, you know how to give and take because you understand the nature of your routine.

2. Look and listen. Experience the world around you. Feel the fresh air, warm breeze, and see the textures of the blue sky. Listen to the birds or the wind. What are the sounds living beyond the noises created by humanity? Do these sounds speak to each other? Do they talk to you?

3. Feel. The texture of an old growth tree, the stonework of an old building; what does time feel like? Do you sense the years of storms, growth, wind, and rain flowing beneath your hand? Who touched this same tree? Do we walk in their footsteps?

4. Say thank you more often than you need. What do we take for granted? Do we underestimate how often we should and to whom we should say, “Thank you”? What if we went further with gratitude than we ever thought possible?

5. Speak out of love. Words delivered out of love transcend the boundaries of faith, mystery, and knowledge. We can speak of love and live loveless lives. The unqualified love which holds our tongues and gifts us eloquence is not a love we can measure. Yet without this love, we lack certain defining features which makes people human: patience and kindness. Without this kind of love, we are more likely to be boastful, arrogant, and rude. We need this “spoken” love to define us as individuals and as a community.

6.  How can listening to others,  expressing gratitude in new ways, and loving without adjectives help you to better tell your story?

Richard Lowell Bryant