Jesus Found Me Part II

Today, somebody out there is like me.  I am not lost, but I need to be found.  Don’t we all need to be located and reminded of our presence within the kingdom of God?  I don’t think this is a bad idea.

What does this mean?  It’s simple.  Jesus is embodied in the lives and experiences of my neighbors, friends, and community.  This is occurring in the present moment.  Part of my responsibility is to look for Jesus while Jesus searches for me.  I know, through the Holy Spirit, Christ lives and works through all of us.

Nonetheless, like my interactions on Tuesday, I wonder if there’s something I’m missing.  The nature of modern life makes each of us a moving target.  Our spiritual settings at dawn, when viewing sunrise are sometimes different when seeing the sunset.  That’s part of the human condition.  It is essential that at the end of the day, when we shut down we don’t shut off.  To reboot spiritually and morally is harder than you think.  Ignoring rest is not an option.  However, unplugging from a light in a world growing increasingly dark is merely foolish.

I do not want to miss the “doings and happenings” in this tiny sliver of God’s kingdom.  As the kingdom of God is measured, there’s nothing more significant than a 14-mile stretch that’s only two miles wide.  Could heaven be any bigger?  I know God is at work in ways I cannot see.  Mystery is God’s default operating system.   Perhaps God’s mysterious ways need an upgrade?  That’s a silly question on my part.  Maybe there’s more human interface than we want to admit.  I know this: I want to see more.  Perhaps I and others called Methodist can help.  There are the glaring needs and there are the subtle urgencies. Glaring needs receive publicity and people.  Subtle exigencies fall beneath the crack.  I want those to find me and be found by such demands.  Who knows what might happen? At the least, my prayer list will become a little longer.  That can’t hurt.

I’m ready to find and be found.

Richard Lowell Bryant