How Many of Us?

Thoughts from the road…

Negativity is killing us.  Yet, it needs to be faced. Jesus died to say yes to life.  It feels like we are against everything.  The stuff we oppose is evil.  We need to find something good to say in the midst of this mess.  Where is Christ in the chaos?  Try this: resurrection.  Resurrection absorbs evil in ways humanity is incapable of framing.

How many of us were and are willing to go to jail to close any camp, whether with children or children and parents, instead of signing a petition or tweeting?  Cross bearing is hard, often fatal, and rarely rewarded.

Given the events of this week, is it time to start forcing Bonohoeffer and Selma moments?

Do we admit our short term mission in Central America and Latin America have done little to improve the quality of life in the countries we have attempted to serve?  The church’s evangelical zeal for cheap, easy mission trips in this hemisphere has done little to no long term good.  The crisis on our borders are evidence of Americas political, diplomatic, economic, and missiological failure.

There are no winners.  We are swimming in sin.  Like post war Germany, we all share a degree of guilt for the atrocities committed in our name.

Richard Bryant