Uncomfortable (Yet Perennial) Questions We Ought To Ask In Holy Week

1. So much hinges on Judas’ participation and betrayal.   What if Judas had said no?

2. Isn’t that odd, the salvation of the human race is partly dependent on one man’s treachery.  That’s always made me uneasy.  How about you?

3. If Jesus was going to die and the resurrection is a reality, one way or another, do Peter’s denials matter?

4. Is Pilate a good guy or a bad guy?

5. Are there any good guys or bad guys in this story, other than Jesus, isn’t everyone morally compromised?

6. Do any of us share a common definition of the word “resurrection”?

7. Does it matter who is first to the tomb? Is resurrection a race?

8. Does your belief in the resurrection depending ultimately on seeing a body or being told the Good News?

9. How did Jesus die? He was a victim of capital punishment. Why are we afraid to say that?

10. Why did Jesus have to die? Isn’t the idea of child sacrifice disturbing?

If you work through these question, you’ll have a more interesting Holy Week and Easter.  You may even grow spiritually.  Think on them.  Pray about them.  Ask them to your friends.  Take your Easter off autopilot and see what happens.

Richard Lowell Bryant