Richard’s Resolutions

I think I can keep these. Anyway, that’s the lie I’m telling myself as I write them on a cold December afternoon.  Who am I kidding? The first one is tougher than any weight loss goal you can imagine.  I’ve been getting a head start on a few of them over the past few weeks. If you see anything you like, you’re welcome to adapt them for your own use.

1. More grace and less judgment. I resolve to do more of both.

2. I resolve to write my prayers and read them to God as I compose them.

3. I resolve to spend less time in places where I might encounter the President’s tweets.  I’ll read more of the Psalter.  Be a better steward of your time online. Read devotionals, stories, Bible studies, or do a puzzle.

4. I resolve to spend less time in places where I will encounter those who either enjoy or reject the implications of the President’s tweets.  The key word here is “implications”.  It’s the hyperbole (derived from the implications), on both sides of the political debate, of which I’ve grown weary. I’m opting out Fox’s imagined coups and MSNBC’s deep states for time better spent with God. If you realize certain online content has a negative impact on your emotions, step back from what your reading or watching. You have the ability to make better life affirming choices.

5. I resolve to embrace what God is doing now, not an idealized vision the kingdom or a manufactured version of the past.

6. I resolve to see God at work in people who are not like me and do not like me. My blindness is self-inflicted.  God is everywhere.  If I can’t see God, I’m not looking hard enough.

7. I resolve that I will stop complaining about the ridiculous and the inane while people suffer.

8. Become healthier so I can feel better. There are many ways to become healthier a person.  Pick what works best for you.  I need to work on my body and mind.

9.  I resolve to give death its due.  The more I come to terms with my own mortality the better prepared I am to help others as they journey through grief.

10. More minimalism. I resolve that I have too much stuff.

Richard Bryant