A United Methodist’s 10 Commandments

1. You must have no other books before the Book of Discipline.

2. Do not make an idol of anything, even John Wesley and the Book of Discipline. Thus, ignore commandment 1.

3. Do not use John Wesley’s name in vain to make theological arguments to fit your political agenda.

4. Remember when Annual Conference was both fun and holy?

5. Honoring your Wesleyan fathers and mothers doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the past.  Creativity doesn’t mean tearing up your parent’s grave.

6. Do not kill good ideas in the name of unity, tradition, and keeping the peace.

7. Do not commit adultery with every church growth fad, Bible study, and culture war issue which hits your inbox.

8. Do not steal anyone’s joy. Our greatest crime is the weekly theft of joy.

9. Do not bear false testimony about anyone; especially Jesus of Nazareth. Tell the truth about Jesus.

10. Don’t look at your friend’s church, fellowship hall, budget, and fancy setup. Make the grass grow green on your side of the fence.

Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant