A Prayer from the Heart

Dear God:

Seriously: stop this.  I can’t believe this is my second prayer like this in as many weeks.  Are you not listening? A Category 5 hurricane on the heels of Hurricane Harvey; have you lost your mind?  There is equally horrific flooding in Bangladesh, an ongoing genocide in Burma, and now you lay Irma on us?  Is this a game to see how well people tear out drywall?   This has got to stop.  Stop this now.

You are better than this.  We don’t need any more human suffering and misery.   People need to learn how to work together without being prompted by suffering, death, disaster, and human misery.  Yes, we all come together and appear to pull through.  But where did that get us after Katrina?   It got us Ferguson, Dallas, Charlottesville, Paris, and countless other places.  It led to victims of one disaster (like Sandy) being minimized by victims of another disaster (Harvey).  Are we really one big happy family?  I’m not sure we’re learning the “pulling together lesson”; if that’s what you’re trying to teach.

I listened to those who survived Harvey thank you for their lives.  The dead did not speak.  If it weren’t for you, many said, “They would be dead”.  May I ask, “Are the dead then dead because of you?”  It’s an uncomfortable question but one that bears asking.  If you saved the living did you kill the dead?  I’ve never understood the logic of who you save and why.   I don’t want to know.

Here’s an idea:  stop the storm.  Let everyone live.  Spare their homes and lives.  If I sound angry, good.  I am sick of seeing death and destruction.  Hurricanes and Stage IV cancer diagnoses are souring our relationship.  You’re usually my go to guy and right now; you seem like an absentee land lord while the Earth is going to Hell in a hand basket.  You are needed.

In Jesus’ name,


Richard Lowell Bryant