An Honest Hurricane Harvey Prayer


Hurricane Harvey Prayer
August 27th, 2017

Gracious God,
We come before you this morning with hearts burdened by grief, our eyes heavy with tears, and uncertainties all around. As this storm as comes ashore in Texas and Louisiana, we feel a connection with those who are suffering. We pray this morning for those who are dealing with death and destruction on an unprecedented level.

We pray it were not so.
We pray for a world where such storms do not exist.
We pray that nature was not erratic, unpredictable, and evil.
We pray that the lives of hard working people were not randomly destroyed by floods, wind, and rain.
We pray that you, God, would exercise more control over the planet we call home; so innocent people won’t die in hurricanes.
We pray for those who risk their lives to save lives amidst the erratic and violent world these storms set into motion.
We are saddened that death begets more death in these tragedies.
We pray that you would stop this, now.
Seriously God, stop this destruction now.  You’re better than this.


Richard Bryant
Ocracoke UMC