Yes, The Religious Resistance Needs New Music

1. We sing “We Shall Overcome” like we’re at a funeral. When we sing this song today, there’s a rarely a sense the group of people singing believe they might actually overcome anything.  I think this is an important point.  To be honest, nothing sounds more like dying felines than a group of privileged white clergy attempting to gain civil rights street credibility by moaning out verses of “We Shall Overcome”. Let’s leave it in the hymnbook. We need something positive, upbeat, and a little hipper.

2. “This Little Light of Mine” seems to be the only song religious liberals can agree on. None of us, me included, can clap on the beat. We look ridiculous singing this song. I am a huge fan of “This Little Light of Mine”, particularly at Vacation Bible School. That’s where it ends. Leave it with kids. It’s not the right anthem to use when taking on shield wielding fascists. Stop clapping and defend yourself. Might I suggest Twisted Sisters, “Were Not Going to Take It”?  It’s not a hymn but it sends a message.  I’d settle for “Standing on the Promises”.  Would our Unitarian colleagues be cool with direct references to Jesus?

3. These are the songs you hear at most protests.  I speak from experience.  The religious left’s repertoire is limited. This is shocking, especially if you consider that most mainstream Protestant denominations have HUGE hymnbooks with awesome songs. Let’s find some new material.  This will help the movement.  Share your playlists.  Pump up the jam!