What People of Faith Can Do Today in Response to Yesterdays Events in Charlottesville

1) Condemn Racism, the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, and Fascists in as specific terms possible. Call evil what it is.

2) Remember: Jesus calls us to love our enemies. Love does not mean to forget. We can learn much here from holocaust survivors. There are many ways to love someone, even from a distance. We can love each other without killing each other. Jesus doesn’t endorse violence.

3) Pray for specific needs in the world, your community, and your life.

4) Read scripture. Look at what happened when Jesus encountered religious zealots and political bullies.

5) Come to a community gathering. Whether it is a church or other meeting. Come to sing, pray, and find strength for the days ahead. If there isn’t a gathering where you are, create one.

6) Offer words of encouragement to oppressed persons.

7) Find a way to stand and be counted.

8) Don’t argue with people who are brainwashed. No one comes away from those encounters looking good.

9) We’re all in this together. Racism is America’s original sin. Grace counteracts original sin. Be graceful. Give grace. Receive grace.

10) Don’t minimize yesterday’s events. It was a big deal. Some people will be in great pain or fear. Acknowledge this and be present.

Rev. Richard Bryant

Ocracoke United Methodist Church

August 13th, 2017