Five Even Better Questions for the #NextMethodism


1. Will Conference Boards of Ordained Ministry be replaced by a New Methodist equivalent of the Roman Catholic Church’s “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”?

2. In the Next Methodism, will District Superintendents and Bishops adopt the British Methodist model, where all clergy are paid the same minimum stipend?  When I returned from Ireland in 2014, all clergy, (there are no Bishops in British or Irish Methodism) superintendents and pastors alike, earned around $40,000.  In Britain and Ireland (the mother church) pastor’s receive stipends not salaries.  If we want Wesleyan purity, could the Next Methodism not return to basic stipends for Bishops, Superintendents, and clergy?

3. In the Next Methodism, how will the apportionment be calculated?  Will it take more money from economically disadvantaged communities in rural North Carolina?   Members of the Next Methodist Churches are struggling to find their next meal, next house payment, and next health insurance policy since they are about to lose the Affordable Care Act.  The Next Methodist’s fervor for a new denomination is only matched by my parishioners needs to pay for chemotherapy and bypass surgery.

4. In the next Methodism, who is going to want to be a Methodist? I’m afraid so many people will be run off, the Next Methodists will be forced to recruit and it may be a hard sell. Come join the hard core Wesleyan remnant! We’re broke but holy! You can get rid of guaranteed appointments and itinerancy. Take the denomination down to a remnant. God will reward you in the end.  Heaven is guaranteed to the best hashtag which births a new bureaucracy.

5. What have you got left?  Nothing.