Presence with God

It’s time to slow down. Breathe deep.
Keep your eyes open. Try to recognize that God is present.
God is here. God is present to us. God is present in all we do.
Where you go, the people you see, the words you use, the interactions;
God is present.  Are we able to make God’s presence a greater reality?

Let Go
We are holding on to the wrong things. Our hands are full of disabling emotions.
Inside our heart, we’ve stored fear, prejudices, and uncertainties.
Will we be able to see God’s presence until we let go? No, we won’t.
Now is the time to hand the broken fibers of our humanity into God’s faithful care.
Allow God to begin weaving a new life tapestry.
God is present.  Are we able to pray for freedom in God’s presence?

We do not live as if we are fully aware of God’s love.
Are we aware that God loves us unconditionally?
God loves us for who we are, We know this.
May we tell God who we are and what we feel?
We speak to God openly and honestly.
God is present.  Are we aware of how unconditionally God loves and prays for us?


Gracious God,

We thank you for this moment of sanctuary. We know you are present in our lives. I pray that today, we may let go of those thing which limit our awareness of your presence. Help us to be fully aware of your unconditional love. Remind us that your unconditional love extends beyond our self imposed limits on loving others.